Changing the Backgrounds through Clipping Path

Step 1:
- Drag any image you want to change the background to the photoshop.

- Choose first what background color do you want, found in the lower left corner of your photoshop.

- Choose "Pen tool", the one that is highlighted with yellow green color on this image.

Step 2:

- Then try to make a path. It's like cutting with scissors around the object.
(Click this image to see clearly.)

- When you are done clipping the image. Go to "PATH" area. (found in the right side of you photoshop.)

Step 3:

- In the PATH area, you will find a "working path", double click to make it "Path 1"

- Then highlight the Path 1 then right click and choose "Make Selection".

(Click this image to see clearly.)

Step 4:

- Then press "Shift+Ctrl+I" on your keyboard and after that Press "Delete"
(Click this image to see clearly.)


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