Colorizing Technique

Here's the step by step process in changing the colors through photoshop:

Step 1:

- Simply drag an image to the photoshop

Step 2:

- Select "Default" menu found at the lower left corner on your photoshop.

- Then select "brush tool" and simply highlight the part that you want to change. For example the red part of this photo.

Step 3:

- After you highlight the part, simply press "Q" button on your keyboard.

- Then click the "SELECT" button, then "INVERSE" that is found in the upper part of the photoshop. Or simply press "Shift+Ctrl+I" on your keyboard.

Step 4:

- Then press "CTRL U" on your keyboard and you will find a small box, then check the "colorize" button.

- And simply you can choose or adjust any color that you want.

Thank you. I hope that this will help you. Enjoy!


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