Background Manipulation

Here are the steps in photo editing for background manipulation:

Step 1:

-Choose 2 images from your files, for example on this tutorial, a nice background and a person. Simply drag it to your photoshop screen.

Step 2:

- Clip the image of the person,
(for first timers, please click here for clipping path tutorial.)

Step 3:

- And when you are done clipping the image, you have to make a selection like we did on the previous tutorial, click here.

Step 4:

-When you already make a selection. Choose the "Move tool" icon that is located on the upper left corner on the sidebar of your screen. And drag the image to the second photo and that is the background. For example, the beach.

Step 5:

- You can adjust the image size by pressing "Ctrl + T" and by adjusting the image color press "Ctrl + U" on your keyboard.

- To make it more realistic "blur" the edges of the clipped image by using the "Blur tool" icon. And for the shadow you can just brush it by using "Brush tool". (encircled with RED on this image. )
(Note: this will be posted on the next tutorial.)


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